About Us

At Kentner Sellers our focus is on finding ways to help our customers by taking advantage of today’s opportunities. We take the initiative. We review your situation and those factors that could affect your direction, to help reveal today your real opportunities for tomorrow.

With industry-specific experience, we can offer practical advice and services to help turn your opportunities into profits. We specialize in helping you plan for financial and tax transactions so you control the outcomes in order to best shape your financial and tax positions.

Our firm is only as successful as the customers we serve. Accordingly, we work hard to help you find ways to create and maintain both individual and business financial successes. We give you a wide range of financial, tax and information services to help you find ways to operate more efficiently, make more money and make your life easier.

The people at Kentner Sellers are capable and responsive in serving your financial, tax and information needs. Each member of our team devotes substantial time learning ways to serve you better, in technical, industry, quality and many other areas. We also take a sense of urgency in our service, emphasizing a quick, quality response to your requests and needs. We are different financial and tax professionals, understanding your situation and communicating ideas and solutions in realistic terms.

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